YourSpring Bird's nest - Sarang Burung,优尚御品,燕窝,东革阿里,茶叶,品味轻奢时尚生活

100% Original Pure Bird Nest Malaysia

YourSpring Bird's Nest imports over 20 grades of superior bird’s nest from East Malaysia. We also carry out bird's nest farming in West Malaysia. all processed in Singapore according to HACCP standards. To cater to diabetics and health-conscious customers, YourSpring has also developed a low sugar bird’s nest product.

For the more discerning customers, we also provide bird’s nests by the tael. They come as whole bird’s nests and bird’s nests pieces. Sorted out by colour and appearance into Blood Nest, Golden Nest and Longya Nest, these nests are further graded according to their purity, degree of processing, quality,  appearance and size.

YourSprig Bird's Nest
Fast, Fresh, True,Honest

100% hand washed, no glue, no bleach, no colouring, not dry under the sun, notoasting, no cheating, all genuine ingredient and no fake material.

toensure cheaper and have a certificate! 

Don't afraid if you were far away from here! We have package service for ourBird's nest. Guarantee it's safe and fast. Our service could let you receivethe parcel in the easiest and fastest way! Guarantee (Fast), (Fresh), (True),(Honest) !

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